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Home Textiles

Curently  working on home textile.

Important is to show perfectly the fabrics textures patterns and colors but no less important is to use simulate a clean and lightness ambient arround it. This job its made with the mixing of real photography and 3D artwork.

It`s a bit complicated and complex to assemble both arts without the comom eye to notice that.

Hope you like it 🙂 and maybe tomorrow this post could be about your own product.

Still life Photography

26 years after the onset pioneer in the area of ​​image, communication and advertising, are industry benchmark.
Yesterday, now and tomorrow, the mission is to take care of our customers’ product like ours.
And we see them as if they were.

26 anos após o início pioneiro na área da imagem, comunicação e publicidade, somos referência no setor.
Ontem, hoje e amanhã, a missão é cuidar do produto dos nossos clientes como se fossem os nossos.
E vêmo-los como se o fossem.

photography, 3D concept, design, graphics, artwork, print,
are our tools, we use them wisely.
keep up with the changes.